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  • The only reason we’re still registering domains is because the kludgy approach to organization with the TLDs is still something geeks are emotionally stuck on! There is absolutely no technical reason why in the second decade of the 21st century, why we cannot use spaces, or get rid of the silly TLDs altogether. But unfortunately politics is far more important than making things human friendly. :( And thus we are addicts of making things a bit simpler for our visitors! :-/

    • MJSiebolt

      Very well said we need not only to protect our brands but to protect our domain names in the .com/.net/.org and in our own country code as well .ca/.us/.nl/.de etc.. The easier we make it for our viewers/visitors the better we can make it for them the easier it will be

  • I thought I was the only one :) 87 and counting. LOL.

  • MJSiebolt

    I am a YouTuber and I run seven channels and that lead to me running a website for each one.. But first I had to check if my name MatthewDykstra.com was available but the .ca was too so first get those two… then it was on to my youtube name mjsiebolt.com and .ca and it went on from there first I was only going to use matthewdykstra & mjsiebolt.com as sites and forward the others to my youtube accounts but the mjsiebolt.com site was getting so big that I needed to split the 7 channels into 6 sites and that lead me to mjsiebolt.ca, mjsiebolt.net, mjsiebolt.us, mjsieboltcinema.com, pcmjsiebolt.com, icatt.us and just recently dykstraadventures.com and for the new mjsiebolt.com site I ordered mjsiebolt.tv and now the mjsiebolt.com forwards over to mjsiebolt.tv. What is next for me I don’t know I still have to build my mothers site doyouagree.ca and keep my sisters site going at http://www.christina-maria.ca it is one site/domain after another.. will I get another one? Probably, I manage about 10 sites for other people with about 8 or more domain names.

    That is my story
    Matthew Dykstra

  • MJSiebolt

    Holy Crap since this last comment was written I inc. my family now own 28 domain names with all the new names coming out I really want to protect my brand

    my father has 3 domains
    my sister has 3
    my mother has two
    the other domains belong to me some include…




    and many others wow things have changed