Computers have sure come a long way. What used to fill up an entire room can now fit comfortably on your wrist. They’ve evolved from data processing machines to multimedia devices that connect us to the rest of the world.

Try fitting that into your pocket!

Now it’s time for the computer to go through yet another evolution, this time with its name. Instead of just referring to the magical device that you use every day, it now also refers to your domain names!

Why would I want a .COMPUTER domain?

Domain names can be rather vague at describing what can be found once a person goes to a website. A computer programmer’s domain name that consists just of that person’s first and last name does not give any indication as to what it is that he or she does. Similarly, a store or software manufacturer might also have names that sound great but do not communicate that they are involved with computers.

By using a .COMPUTER gTLD (generic top level domain), you’ll be able to better indicate what you’re all about before a person even clicks on your URL. You’ve also got a better chance of finding the perfect domain name because .COMPUTER isn’t used as often as some of the other more popular TLDs out there. This also means that a .COMPUTER TLD will stand out from other domains and make your website all the more memorable!

Related TLDs

If you’re considering .COMPUTER then you might also want to check out the following related TLDs before making your decision (or better yet, buy all of ‘em just to be safe):




We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have about .COMPUTER TLDs! Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 or reach us via email at

The Fine Print

Residency Requirements None
Name Length (Excluding TLD) 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10 years
DNS Requirements 2 to 13
WHOIS Privacy Available Y
Domain Locking Available Y
IDNs Available fre, spa
Auto-Renew Date 30 days before expiry
Change Renew/Let Expire
Settings X Days Before Expiry
Up to expiry
Grace Period 40 days
Redemption Period 30 days
Transfers 1 year added to reg term
Authcode Required  Y


Grab your own .COMPUTER domain from Hover today!


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