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  • David

    Your .UK section is possibly too simplistic.

    Direct registrations are not allowed under .UK. For the second level locations that you offer (which are the main non-highly-restricted ones):

    .org.uk (intended for orgs, but open to all, individuals and entities)
    .co.uk (intended for commerical, but open to all, individuals and entites)
    .me.uk (restricted to ‘natural persons’ – i.e. people, not entites and can not be held in proxy or on behalf of entites).

    .me.uk is the one which is worthy of note. There is no requirment for it to be the same as your name, or anything like that, free to register mulitple. However, the natural persons bit is important to note, before anyone registers on to build a brand (for an entity, not themselves) or conducts business (not as themselves) using one.

    Havn’t looked at the others yet, that one just lept out.