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  • Bridgeisle

    So guys, what is the cost of a .au domain from Hover?

  • Awesome news. But where’s the pricing?

  • blackcatco

    Excellent!! We love Hover’s service etc, but we need to know if the pricing will be competitive with what we pay now.

  • Alex

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    .Au domain names are $40/2 year registration. You can check this out and the rest of our pricing, here:

    • Thanks Alex, but that page still says N/A under .au for pricing.

      • Alex

        In the pricing guide, you’ll see $40 for .au domains when you change the drop down box to “2 yrs” registration. Since .au domains can only be registered for a minimum term of two years, we thought it may be misleading to display the yearly price ($20/year, but actually $40/2 years due to min. registration term).

        We’re looking into making this more clear in the pricing guide. Thanks for pointing it out!


        • Got it. Thanks. Maybe put “2 yr min.” or something instead of “N/A”.

          • Alex

            Thanks for your suggestion @jaydisc:disqus. We got working on it right away and updated the price list yesterday :)

  • Firstly the https://www.hover.com/pricing page has n/a for all the .au domain options. I can confirm they are all $40 for 2 years.

    Note: Privacy is NOT an option for .au domains.

    I’ve been doing some .au domains on Hover for probably a month or so now. The transfers are pretty smooth – 2-4 days usually (from VentrIP, GoDaddy and NetRegistry)

    Main hassle has been entering the domain passwords – sometimes you have to keep re-entering them 2-10 times before they are recognised or something. Annoying but you get there.

    Be aware the email pricing is also charged on a pro-rata basis – so you get charged for 2 years to match your domain if you have just registered a new one. But also only for a few months if you have just transferred and only have a few months left before renewal.

    One issue that has already come up with a client. As I said ALL domains are $40/2years. Including .org.au and .id.au which are typically cheaper than .com.au or .net. And is usually the case for most TLD’s.

    But so far so good. The support has been excellent. The tools like DNS and forwarding are excellent. All my transfers have come over with the old settings for DNS etc in place – including some tricky web / email split ones.

    OK one quibble. It would be nice if they had better 24 hr support. Sometimes you have to wait overnight for a reply. Just saying.