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  • Adam Lein

    “Gmail.com offers professionalism, accuracy, and trust, proudly stemming from Google’s exceptional reputation”
    No it doesn’t. Not at all. Having a Gmail address is the same as having a Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL address. Any criminal can have a Gmail address. It means you’re the opposite of professional. It means you’re not making any money and have to rely on free email services. Actually, in 2014, I have way more respect for some one using an AOL address… that means they’ve probably been using it since the 90’s and thus have more experience than someone who uses Gmail since that was only launched in 2004.

    “Not only does using gmail.com as your primary domain show that you are
    familiar with Google’s mail server, but you are tech-savvy and ahead of
    the curve”
    No, it doesn’t. It shows that you can fill out a “sign up” form on a web page. That’s not tech-savvy. Tech-savvy in the email world would be running your own Exchange 2013 servers, Edge servers, Domain name servers, etc..

    • Much agreed. Perhaps this article a little outdated even just one year after being published (to say the least). I think that having a Gmail address looks a little better than having a Hotmail account (at least to the average person), but it is definitely better to have your own domain.