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  • domenclature.com®

    “The site is now called o.co, but there is an “also known as Overstock.com” just to be safe”.

    Not quite accurate. Overstock did not eventually re-brand to o.co.

    They are Overstock, but kept the o.co domain, just like they kept the o.info etc etc

    Great article tho.

    • My apologies if I was unclear in the article. From what I can gather, the site is in the process of rebranding to o.co. When you go to their website, whether entering overstock.com or o.co, it has the newer o.co logo and says “also known as Overstock.” To me that indicates that o.co is what they are working towards being and have not given up on that effort, though I will admit that I was not too familiar with the site before researching this article so I could be wrong. If any representatives from Overstock/o.co would like to chime in here for the official stance on the brand then feel free to clarify!

      • John

        Hi Michael-we own ShopChina.co so I hope you’re right-thanks for the post.