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  • muffinjello

    Hahahaha, This was absolutely hilarious! Love it!

    Things I’ve seen that make me cringe – the navigation! Maybe it’s just a personal preference hardcoded into my brain, but just because it is a menu button, that doesn’t mean you have to make it look like bird’s eye view of a button on your keyboard!!!

    • …but how else would people know that they can select it if it doesn’t look like a button? It wouldn’t be chaos, I tell you…CHAOS!!!

  • 4caster

    I remember when every computer had a “Help” key. They removed it because it never worked!

  • Barrie

    Splash pages!
    Few things were more annoying than to have to click through a “greeting page” to get into a site.

    • QuantumMechanic

      Splash pages, sadly, have not gone away.

  • Nezgar

    This is important text!!
    or for the privileged IE crowd:
    Wow, this text is scrolling like a stock ticker!!
    or for best effect, use them together.

  • Flash. Do you remember when an ENTIRE website was done with an overly complicated menu structure and required you to scroll by hovering over a top or bottom arrow? Yeah, I don’t miss it at all.

  • Dan

    I’m sruprised that Web Rings didn’t make the list. Used to see those all the time.

    • patrick

      What’s a web ring?

      • Casey R Williams

        It was a bunch of sites about the same topic you could click through quickly… There were left/right arrows and you’d click through them until realizing you had clicked through the same 7 sites 4 times. There’d be a little badge saying something like “proud member of Josta webring” or whatever.

        • Casey R Williams

          This was before Google or any of the search engines really worked well. You’d add a site you liked to your ring, or maybe someone would add your site to theirs. It made it easier for people to stay focused on one topic while “surfing” at a time when most of the web wasn’t indexed yet.

          • That’s very true. It’s crazy thinking back to how hard it used to be to find stuff online.

          • Ah, web rings…those I ACTUALLY forgot about.

    • Jill Sandwich

      Those are still popular in Japan.

  • Gretchen Thomas


    • wizardsofwords.org

      so horrible ewww and they are still employed

  • Sarah

    How about scrolling tickers. I actually had a client who asked for one last week!

  • –MC

    A plugin that would turn your cursor into a cat’s footprint or a smiling face or some damn thing like that.

  • Catboy

    Constantly changing colours and fonts in text because some clown learned a little HTML. Became the calling card of the crazy conspiracy website.

  • GOGO8675309

    88×31 IE and Netscape buttons

  • that was funny

  • markkeenan

    Have a look at this http://www.bevirs.co.uk, this is still their website today in 2014

  • SeasiderSteve

    Don’t forget countdown timers…

  • Booyabobby

    I was a fan of Geocities back in the day. I am guilty of using gifs and clipart. Love visuals.

  • Jill Sandwich

    Ah memories….Waiting 5 minutes for a picture of a kitten to load on the school computer, HotBot was probably the best search engine, sometimes the wallpapers would be a tiled “spinning gif,” it took 4 hours for a video to load in a 3.5×5 box, & before it all changed, there was BonziBuddy.