What is a .asia domain name?

Posted on May 4, 2012 by

Recently, we announced three new top-level domain names (TLDs) available to Hover customers. In that post, we promised a little more detail on each of these new domain names. This week, we start out with a look at the .asia domain name.

In addition to opening a broader yet somehow more descriptive domain suffix than some of the other Asian domain suffixes (that is, everything after the dot), .asia also opened up a new catalog of premium domain names available to register.

.asia domain names cost $20 and can be registered for one to 10 years at a time. We’ve talked about the potential benefits of registering your domain name for longer than a year here on the Hover blog.

Registration of .asia domains is restricted to, and I quote, “legal entities within the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region,” including Australia. People, companies, branch offices, political parties, non-profits, charities and so on are all legal entities.

If you add a .asia domain name to your shopping cart in the Hover control panel, you’ll have to answer a few questions before you can check out. Answering these questions is required in order to register a .asia domain name. You’ll be asked what kind of legal entity you’re registering your .asia domain name for and you’ll have to provide some backup in the form of a passport or registration number.

Rest assured, Hover is only asking for this information to in order to pass it along to ICAAN. We take your privacy very seriously. We’re all about domain names and email made simple so we wouldn’t be asking these questions of you if we didn’t have to!

Beyond this little speed bump, the process for registering a .asia domain name is the same as registering a .com, .net or any other domain name. Add it to your cart, select the registration term, add email if you wish and check out.

Get started by searching for your perfect .asia domain name.