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  • Dave

    This is a huge reason why I am enjoying Hover.  Google and GoDaddy may well find ways to swipe information about me, but why on earth would I want to give it to them?  Example: I had a conversation with a friend via Gmail about tendinitis in my wrist.  Within hours, ads started popping up all over the web for wrist braces, alternative treatments for tendinitis, even clinics where hand surgery is a specialty.  This was enough to convince me that even a little bit of “transparency” may be too much these days.

    • Mia

      Touche! I don’t understand the trade off because “it’s free.” So, pay for e-mail client. Gmail is gathering data…. Every word is documented. Big brother?

      Hover is an excellent company and the service is outstanding. I was a “late adopter” to hover and now won’t go anywhere else.

      Great people, honest and consitent pricing and privacy. Great business and lucky to have found them. Love, love, love HOVER!