Register your personal domain name before someone else does

Posted on May 1, 2012 by

Rarely a week will pass when I won’t read a story about a public figure or a politician who missed out on the opportunity to register their name as a domain name and someone else got to it before them.

Even if someone with bad intentions doesn’t register it, the likelihood that there’s someone else out there with the same name as you is pretty high – even if you have a unique name, with billions of people on the planet, there’s probably a duplicate out there.

I remember asking my dad when I was a kid if anyone else had my name and my dad walked me through the family tree and told me it was pretty unlikely and that it was a safe bet that I was the only “Ross Rader”. Turns out, a quick search on Facebook pulls up three of us all sharing the same domain name. Thankfully, I registered “” before one of the other Ross Rader’s grabbed it.

The lesson here is simple – if you haven’t registered your “” or “firstnamelastname.someotherTLD” then do it today. At some point, someone else *will* register it and when you find out that they beat you to it, you won’t be happy and your options will be a lot more limited.

If you have a more common name and someone else has already beat you to the bunch, consider registering a variation on your name or include initials. For example,

(my middle name is “William” in case you were wondering).

In most cases, you’ll find that your name, or some close variation is available. This will be especially true if there is a short form version of your first name that you are comfortable with like Elizabeth = Liz = Beth = Liza.

Play around with the possibilities, and above all else, grab your name domain today!