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  • syxbit

    Can you please enable 2FA (2 factor authentication). Being a domain registrar, getting my account hacked would be absolutely disastrous. 2FA can great improve security.
    I use Authy, and it already integrates with:
    Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean, Dropbox, Outlook.com, GitHub etc…….. you get the idea. It’s basically everyone

    • 2FA is definitely on the todo list. We’re working on having a system that balances security with usability. The worst 2FA solution is the one that no one wants to use because it’s a hassle.

      • syxbit

        If it’s optional, it can’t affect usuability. That how all other sites do it. Just please consider using an open standard, so that apps like Authy can connect. I don’t want a special app just for 1 website.

        • We’d definitely do something open – it’s easier for everyone to adopt a standard where the apps exist already. I’ll take a look at Authy along with some of the other options like Google Authenticator, Duo, etc. On the usability side, if it’s too big a hassle, then people opt not to use it and that’s no good either.

  • Felipe Cypriano

    I’d love to have .fm domains available.

    • Noted! No promises around timing, but .FM is on the radar.