Hover Blog > Hover Updates > Introducing Volume Discounts on Domain Renewals
  • This is great! I’ve long wished you’d offer a quantity discount – thanks for doing it!

  • Awesome! Been wanting this for awhile as well.

  • Nicholas Maietta


    As time goes by and my domains are coming due over at Network Solutions and GoDaddy, i’ve been transferring them off to Hover. One by one..

    I have about 25 more of them i’m transferring in in just a few months, so this is great news for me!

    • Alex

      When you’re ready to transfer those domains in, you get to keep all the time left on your registration +1 additional year.

      Transferring that many domains can be a pain, so let us know if you need a hand. We have a free Valet service that will take care of the messy details for you.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      They are being moved, one or two at a time and i’m already very familiar with the process. It’s actually quite easy and takes maybe 15 minutes to complete if you know what you are doing.. and i do.

  • Tevya Washburn

    This is excellent! You’ll save us about $80/yr, and soon we’ll move to the next tier and save twice that!

  • Ben

    I have a hover promo code which provides 10% off, which exceeds the volume discount. How can I use this instead of the volume discount?

    • They’re kind of different things, so you should be able to use both.

      The code will only work for your first purchase with Hover (it’s a new customer discount).

      The volume discounts are on renewals only.

      So as a new customer, the promo code will work. And as an existing customer, the volume discount will work.