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  • Haha. I am one of the customers who continue to bitch about the prices at Hover.

    But still, I am migrating all my domains to Hover from Go Daddy as they come nearing the renewal date. I have just a few domains to manage these days so a slight premium does not matter much. Just wanted to state here some things… :)

    1. The rival company you mention in the post above offers massive discount coupons. In fact every time I migrate a domain, I get multiple mails with discount coupons in a matter of hours. These discount coupons are the reason why the rival company became the giant it is today despite the awful user interface and experience. :) You can save a lot of money on domains using these coupons if you are managing more than a handful number of domains! I know Hover also has discount coupons and I use them all the time. They are just not as large as the rival company.

    2. WhoIS Privacy is nice. But not everyone needs it on every domain they own. So, it does not really come into picture in all case scenarios. But it is nice to have as a feature.

    But still, I am more than happy with my experience with Hover. The user experience is great. And I have absolutely no complaints with the slight premium I pay for domains here. Cheers!

  • Guest

     Sometimes all you need is a website for messing around and experimenting with, no added features. Just a plain old domain and bottom of the barrel hosting. Are you saying that Hover would rather not have these customers?

    • No not at all. We value customers who appreciate the value that we offer, the service we deliver and the honesty with which we do it. We also understand that some folks just want to pay eight-five cents for a domain name and don’t mind subjecting themselves to a minefield of upsells and dodging bait-and-switch in the shopping cart to get to it.

      We take a very simple view of what we sell and are really focused on making it easy and great to own and use a domain name. We include the basic services that most people use at the price most people want to pay. Those are the customers that we think about every day.

  • Frank Poliat

    u could say “to paraphrase Warren Buffet” and drop the * note :)

  • Frank Poliat

    I own dozens of domains and keep them with 1and1, an ok company, but with a really funky UX. I have no need for whois privacy (to my knowledge) so that is a moot point for me. Usability would certainly make me consider a move, but if it’s offering Whois privacy to adds a significan portion to Hover’s prices, why not offer a two (or more tiered) structure, with perhaps a further discount for longterm registrations (which Hover recommends)? 

    Just rambling here. Hover looks good, I’ve only checked it out briefly at this point.

  • Mark

    $10 now $15 amazing rise (and $10, it was less few months ago)……………………… are you mad? 25% more!!
    I have 42 domains, if you are not reconsidering your prices, I will transfer all my domains to another registrar and not to the “rival” company.
    I’m very disappointed by hover.

    • Mark – If you’ve got an issue with our pricing, please email me at ross@hover.com and I can look at your account. I’d love to be more proactive than this although its a bit tough based on semi-anonymous blog comments. 

      To be clear, this post wasn’t announcing any price increases – I was simply pointing out that we’ve got a pretty fair and transparent pricing and advertising model.

      • Mark

        Thanks for your support, it was a mistake in my account. Thank you for your quick answer. Hover is good!

  • Josh

    NameSilo offers .com domains for less than 10 bucks and offers free whois privacy, domain protection, resller management and their customer support is great. So again hover isn’t really a great value.

    • I can’t reallly comment on Namesilo – I’ve never heard of them and I’m not able to find much information about them on twitter or elsewhere. 
      I suppose if you want to gamble on an unknown to save a few $$, that’s your prerogative. We registered our first domain name for a customer in 1993 – I don’t know of any other registrars except Network Solutions (the former government sponsored monopoly) with a track record as lengthy or credible as ours.
      In the last 20 years, we’ve seen hundreds of low cost providers come and go. If all you want is a rock bottom price, you’ve got lots of choices. And if the registrar you’ve chosen goes out of business, we’re still here to help. Over the years, we’ve absorbed many registrars who priced themselves out of business. Parava, Lead Networks, Domain Support Group – and many more – have all gotten into trouble over the years and we’ve stepped up to bail out their customers registrations with ICANN. 
      That’s not to say that what Namesilo does isn’t a valuable service, and rather that sometimes its just smarter to pay a bit more to get a great service from a known quantity.