Domain of the Month, May: HipsterFood.Kitchen

Posted on May 30, 2014 by

HipsterFood.Kitchen brings you original vegan recipes that sound almost as delicious as they look. Each post features gorgeous food photography that’s been shot with a professional Nikon and carefully edited with Photoshop.

The idea for HipsterFood.Kitchen came about as a way to demystify veganism. It was a response to the stereotype about ethical eating as an obscure, fleeting trend. The blog aims to show everyone that a vegan lifestyle is totally doable and certainly not going anywhere. It includes accessible foods that won’t break the bank and recipes that can appeal to eaters of all persuasions.

HipsterFood.KitchenWith a beautiful design and impressive photography, the blog reads like a coffee table book. One that would look especially great on a DIY, repurposed vintage coffee table.

Why we love it

HipsterFood.Kitchen took a leap with a new domain extension and ended up scoring a downright great domain name.

After four years on Tumblr, HipsterFood.Kitchen decided they didn’t want to build their entire project on a social blogging platform, only to risk having it fade away like a Myspace band. They recognized that a new domain extension would give continuity to their blog’s hipster theme.

HipsterFood.Kitchen is a domain that stands out from the more common extensions, like .com or .net. It’s a catchy domain name that probably wouldn’t have been available in those more crowded namespaces. Plus, it’s descriptive and tells us what the website is about, while keeping that little bit of magic that makes you want to see it.

Like all great hipsters, the folks behind HipsterFood.Kitchen have an obvious eye for design.

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