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Domain of the Month: July 2014At Hover (and our parent company, Tucows) many of us are avid cyclists. One of the great perks we have is secure indoor storage for our rides; however, once we take our bikes outside of our little domain name paradise, bike theft is a very real concern. No matter what type of locks we use, there’s always someone out there who can crack them open and ride away with our bikes.

The Company

Project 529 is looking to change all of this with its anti-theft software & app. A cyclist simply takes a picture of his or her bike & records its serial number. In the event that the bike is stolen, the person can then send out an alert to nearby Project 529 users to be on the lookout for the stolen bike. In other words, with just a few taps you’ll be able to gather a group of crime-fighting cycling vigilantes – sign me up!

Of course, the effectiveness of the system can be questioned, particularly if the bike was stolen by a network of thieves that sell it for parts; however, when it comes to theft prevention, anything extra that you do can make all the difference.

The Domain

If your bike is missing, it can be pretty overwhelming deciding what to do next. Do you put up flyers? Send out a tweet? Search Craigslist to see if someone is selling it? Start saving for a new bike? All of the above?

The folks at Project 529 take advantage of the .bike top-level domain to offer the most straight-forward spot on the Internet to go to: Missing.Bike. It’s simple, eye-catching and easy to remember – perfect for when you’re panicking because you have no idea who has your bike!

What’s also notable about this domain is that it’s not the name of the company behind it; in fact, it’s not even their primary domain. When a person enters, it then forwards the visitor to the company’s main website, A lot of us think that we just need a domain that matches our company/brand name. Missing.Bike is a great example of how additional domains can help direct people towards your website before they even know to look for you.

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