Do you own your kid’s domain name?

Posted on June 20, 2012 by

Do you own your child’s domain name? If you do, that’s great. If not, you may want to consider some of the benefits.

In a world where your online identity is becoming as important as your physical one (maybe even more so), registering your child’s domain name is a very good idea. The trend of registering your child’s is continuing to grow with tech-savvy parents; Its not uncommon for parents in Silicon Valley to pick names for their children only if the corresponding domain is availble. Sure, little Jimmy can barely pronounce “Internet” let alone use it, but we’ve compiled a list of reasons why buying your kid a domain may be worthwhile.

A domain name is an asset

There’s a reason that Angelina Jolie bought all of her kids’ names when they were born. You may not think your child will become famous enough to warrant their own website, but whether or not your child is the next Justin Bieber, everyone can utilize their own domain name. Whether your child uses the domain to display a professional portfolio, resume or even a blog, the value will be much more than the $15/yr. it costs to keep it in your hands.

The Family Album 2.0

Once you register your kid’s domain it doesn’t have to stay stagnant. Use it as a fun way to remember childhood events by posting pictures, videos and stories for family all over the world to see. So your kid’s not born yet, you say? Even if the latest member of the family has yet to arrive, you can still use the site for birth announcements or baby shower details. With Hover subdomains and forwards, it’s easy to make or /pictures or send visitors to whatever online resources you choose.

Why not add an email address? Email your kid messages and pictures so that they have something to look back on when they get older. We have a great article on how to add email to your account.

Protect their (future) identity

With the domain industry expanding at a phenomenal rate (tens of thousands of domains being registered every day), it’s important to secure your child’s online identity now before somebody else grabs it… and does whatever they want with it. It may even be worthwhile to also purchase your ccTLD (.ca, .us, .fr, .asia, etc.) alongside the .com domain. Registering nicknames is also an option. A website will allow your child to build a personal and/or professional identity.

Whether you’ve got kids or are expecting, snatching up some web real estate is a valuable investment that will pay off in the long-run. The low cost of a Hover domain means that you can secure your child’s online future affordably. Have a look to see if your child’s name is available.