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  • That was one of the first things I did after my son was born. It’s a great idea for all of the reasons that you mentioned. 

  • johnchow

    Not only do I own my daughter’s doman name, her blog was started 3 months before she was born. The first post was a picture of an ultrasound and the title said, “I’ll Be Live Soon!” lol Check it out at http://www.sallychow.com

    • John, your daughter’s blog is awesome… I love it. I don’t have any young kids, but we recently adopted a dog named drake so we got him his own domain name hosted on Posterous at http://lifestream.imadog.ca   :)

      • sarahgeorges

        Ben, your dog leads a very interesting life

        • Just wait until he heals from his leg surgery… he’s been taking it easy for nearly 2 months. He’ll be able to run for the first time since his surgery on Jun 28! Then his life we be even MORE interesting. ;)

      • johnchow

        So your dog’s name is Life Stream? :) If you really want to get a domain name for him, you would register DrakeLucier.com and put the blog on that. I own my dog’s domain name but haven’t made a blog for him.

        • Guest

          you should call your dog’s domain puppyChow.com :P

        • :-) Well, we adopted him and we weren’t sure if we were going to change his name or not… so I registered imadog.ca to be safe. I used ‘lifestream’ as a subdomain, because it’s supposed to be a sort of live streaming of my pup’s life. I do the same for my personal domain: stream.benlucier.ca (although I’ve shortened it).

  • Mike

    While some may be a tad “squeemish” about posting photos of their children online for all the world to see, I think this offers a really cool opportunity for your kids to have a life-long documentation of their entire lives.

    A virtual “memory” of the little things that may have made you smile that day (or cry I suppose) that you could reflect on later on in life…and that would most likely be forgotten otherwise. 

  • Cpar

    I agree with buying the domain name, I disagree with posting private information about an infant on the internet, it’ll be him/her not you that will have to deal with the future consequences of having all your life cataloged online for all the world to see.

  • Buying a domain name for a child, when he was still a little in Russia is a very strange effect. We do not do this.

  • A fascinating blog post and a unique perspective on what I would call a unique issue.  I completely understand why a celebrity such as Angelina Jolie would want to purchase domain names with her childrens’ names. Celebrities usually do and are expected to do strange things all the time. For the rest of us who are not celebrities, I don’t see the critical need to do so just to “protect the identity of one’s children.” I think there are many ways to do that. I do not see the future as bleak as this blog post suggests for those parents who choose not to purchase domain names for their children.

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