App of the Week: ‘Sooner’ Day Planner/Organizer

Posted on January 10, 2013 by

“Sooner breaks away from the seemingly endless agenda-and-30-boxes approach that most use.” –

What is it?
‘Sooner’ is a to-do list and weekly planner for the iPhone. The colorful wheel interface allows you to create a new task in one single gesture, with separate colors designated for each separate project.

Easily switch from your calendar wheel to your to-do list wheel in one click. The app also allows you to sync your calendar with iCal and set reminders/recurrences for each event or to-do.

Price: $2.99

Why we like it
Sooner is an incredibly intuitive app. I really like the wheel interface and think it’s a refreshing change to the traditional square calendar/to-do list apps. If you’re a visual person you’ll likely find this app is great for organising your tasks/events in a way that is visually pleasing. With the swipe of one finger, it’s super easy to add tasks or events and drag them to different spots within the calendar.

Here’s a peek at how I use the my Sooner app for my to-dos. I can see this app as being perfect for managing a project with many facets or planning a trip or event.