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  • Great list of alternatives, I do recommend one extra platform. You should really try Keeblr.com for another quick easy way to blog.

  • Sam Grossman

    Great list! Must admit I did not know about these tools before. My personal favorite is Roojoom. A cool new tool that lets you create a visual story by connecting together different sources like webpages, slideshares, blog posts, images etc. You can add your comments and embed the result on your website or share on social media. You can find it on roojoom.com

  • Zahra

    I would add TiddlyWiki http://tiddlywiki.com/ Actually planning to use that for my site instead of a traditional blog to take advantage of the nonlinear.

  • Fath

    Jux has shut down though.

    • Thanks for pointing that out (though we’re sorry to hear that). We’ll update the article accordingly.

  • Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

    Are all these websites alternatives to Blogger or are they additions to what you are doing on blogger?

  • Bajza Ferenc

    This is my favorited blogging service: