Black Friday $4.99 Domain Name Sale

Posted on November 23, 2015 by


As fun as it is to camp out overnight and battle your way through a horde of anxious shoppers to get a new 4K TV and video game console, chances are you wouldn’t be horribly upset to skip that chaos altogether. We’re excited to announce that Hover will be joining the Black Friday fun with…

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How Important Are Keywords In A Domain Name For SEO?

Posted on November 10, 2015 by

domain name keywords seo

The world of search engine optimization can be very contentious, with radically opposing views on what the right approach is for your website to climb to the top of search results. With Google continuously evolving its ranking algorithms, it can be anyone’s guess as to what the right approach is at any given time. This…

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Get A Free .XYZ & Hover T Shirt

Posted on October 28, 2015 by

xyz domain

With just a few days left for our big .xyz sale (regular $12.42, on sale for $9.99), we wanted to say a big thank you to those who have registered .xyz domains of their own by giving them the shirts off our backs — or more accurately, the shirts from our big box of shirts…

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Stop Doing These 6 Things On Your Mobile Sites

Posted on October 27, 2015 by


The following is a guest post by Adrienne Erin from Design Roast. Mobile web design is more important now than it ever has been, and it is only going to become more vital. The average American spends nearly six hours a day using their digital devices, close to three of which are spent on mobile devices,…

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Infographic: How Do People Use Their Hover Domains?

Posted on October 22, 2015 by

how people use their domains image

The Internet sure has changed a lot since Hover sold its very first domain name in 2008. We’ve seen social networks rise and fall, devices get more and more powerful, and the ways way use the Internet become increasingly more complex and sophisticated. As for domain names, hundreds of new top-level domains like .design and, of…

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