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Tucows Behind the Scenes!

We love showing you what it’s like behind the scenes at Tucows, Hover’s parent company. That’s why we made this video featuring a bunch of our awesome staff talking about what makes this such a great place to work. Have a look and feel free to let us know what you think! :)

If you want to get in on the action, head over to our careers page for the latest opportunities at the best company on the internet!

Inside Hover: Compliance Department

As you may know, Hover is a part of Tucows, an international domain name registrar. Like Hover, there are thousands of other domain name registrars around the world. The compliance department here at Tucows is responsible for making sure all comply with all the rules and regulations set out by ICANN. I sat down with Sara Scruton of the compliance department to learn more about what it’s like to work in the Compliance department at Tucows. :)

What is your job title/department?
My Job title is Compliance Officer and I work in the Compliance department.

What does your department do here at Tucows?
We ensure our resellers stay compliant with our reseller agreement, and ICANN rules and regulations. ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Essentially, ICANN coordinates and regulates domain names. We deal mainly legal issues surrounding domains names as opposed to technical issues.

What are some of these ‘issues’ you see come up?
We work with registrars and registries dealing with issues of fraud, whois issues and transfer issues, we assist various security organizations with domains that might be phishing or spamming, or involved in fraudulent activity.

FOA Requests: When a registrant feels their domain was transferred into Tucows from another registrar incorrectly, they can contact the previous registrar and ask for an FOA (form of authorization).

A recurring issue we have is people that register domain names and do not register the domain in their own name. It is very important when a domain is registered the registrant is listed in the whois, so it will prevent ownership issues in the future.

What are your daily activities in the Compliance Department?

Our daily activities include:

Ensuring resellers comply with our reseller agreement, and ICANN rules and regulations.

Receiving international court orders, subpoenas, cease and desist letters and communicating with law enforcement agencies about various issues.

Another major function of our department is responding to complaints from ICANN

We also receive many emails on a daily basis to our general compliance queue . Issues we receive include assisting registrants that may have issues with support from their reseller, and may not know who their reseller is, expired domains, redemption process, retrieval of user name and passwords, transferring domains and general help and guidance on how domain names work.

What is one thing people don’t know about domain policy?

It is very important that when a domain is registered that the registrant enters accurate whois information into their domain.

What makes your job interesting?

The internet is always evolving from changes in legislation to policy and procedures being updated. There is always something new to be learned.

How does your department & decisions made affect Hover?
Hover, a reseller of Opensrs, like any of our resellers is affected by any new policy changes implemented by ICANN. The Compliance department assists, informs and enforces any new changes that have been made.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
Explaining to people what it is we do!

Introducing Squarespace Commerce

The rumours are true! Squarespace, the ultimate tool for creating an awesome website, has launched a new ecommerce platform. We’ve been waiting for this, and are really excited about this launch.


  • Commerce will work on every template. It’s fully integrated with the rest of their content block system.
  • Squarespace won’t charge you per transaction. Commerce is essentially free with a Business Plan. Stripe, the integrated payment processor, charges a simple and transparent fee of $0.30 + 2.9% for every transaction made.
  • There are no limits on the amount of inventory (SKUs) you carry in your store, but the platform is ideal for smaller stores
  • Create coupons for your store. You can create coupons that apply to all orders, orders that meet a certain minimum, or for specific products
  • Express checkout mode
  • integrated MailChimp to let customers sign up for email communications from your store at checkout
  • Social integration
  • The order management interface lets you easily track outstanding orders, resend customer update emails and print packing slips from a single interface
  • Want multiple admins? The permissions system allows you to add admins that can only access your store, not your entire website

We think Hover customers will love this new commerce integration. The essence of Squarespace is simplicity and elegance, and their ecommerce platform fits perfectly into that mantra. Head on over to Squarespace to get started. If you already have an online store, easily transfer your inventory (including info and pictures) over from platforms such as Big Cartel and Shopify.

Use the code ‘HOVER’ at checkout and they’ll take 10% off your entire purchase!

Want to learn more? Squarespace is holding two live workshops to help you get started.

.CO Domains – Now Only $15!

From now until March 31st, 2013 get a .CO domain name from Hover for one year for only $15.

.CO is a domain name growing in popularity, especially with the startup community. This popular domain name is a great alternative to the traditional .COM or .NET extensions.

Why do we like .CO?

You get the domain name you want. Unlike .COM, there are still tons of .CO’s available for registration. Grab a .CO and get the domain you really want!

An awesome community. .CO is the up and coming domain for startups, entrepreneurs and innovators. If you get a .CO, you’ll join the ranks of Twitter (, Google (, Forex ( and Overstock ( to name a few.

It’s SEO friendly. Google has declared that, like .COM, it will treat .CO as a global (generic) TLD in its search results! That means you can feel secure in knowing your SEO ranking wont be compromised with a .CO domain name.

Head on over to and find your perfect .CO domain for just $15! The offer is valid only on first year of registration, and only for new registrations.

Let’s Hang Out in Toronto!

You’ve got a great domain name from Hover, and now you want to create your own website. Sure, the task does seem daunting, especially for those who don’t have experience in this arena. There are several website building tools out there and it all can sometimes feel overwhelming – trust me, I’ve been there. If you don’t know where to start or want some tips and tricks from industry experts, here’s your chance!

Hover’s teaming up with our friends over at Squarespace for a domain workshop in Toronto! Bring some friends, meet us and learn all the tips and tricks for getting your site off the ground using Squarespace tools.

Where: The Gladstone Hotel (Ballroom), 1214 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON (map)
When: Wednesday, March 27th. Choose from two sessions: 9am or 6pm(FULL)
Admission: Free

Hurry! Spots are limited. RSVP to save your spot.

If you can’t make it to the Toronto event, we’d love your input on where we should hold our next workshop! Vote for your city – we could be visiting you next!

Hope to see you all soon! :)

Inside Hover: Marketing

Ever wondered who responds to your tweet, blog comment or inbox message? The Marketing team at Hover, consisting of Sarah (me), Andrew and Sean are those people! You may know us as the people who run the Facebook contests, post to the Hover blog, or who respond to your messages online. Here’s a look into a day in the life of me: Marketing Coordinator at Tucows!

8:30AM – No morning is complete without a fresh pot of coffee.

10:00AM – Sending out some Ting & Hover swag to a couple lucky customers! If you ‘like’ us on Facebook, you’ll know we tend to give away swag pretty generously ;).

11:00AM – Time to respond to some posts on our social media accounts. It’s great to be able to engage and hear all the great feedback from our Facebook fans on a daily basis. We take what you say seriously and love hearing your opinions! I especially love running our Ting Caption contests… you guys submit some hilarious captions!

12:00PM – Lunch time group shot: Hover Marketing FTW

12:30PM – Reviewing some final design concepts for some new swag! Stay tuned for the final products. Like us on Facebook for a better chance to win some!

1:00PM – Talking with Che from the Customer Service team to gain some more insights about Hover customers! The marketing and customer service teams here at Tucows work very close so that we can always provide the quickest and most accurate answers to your questions on social media.

1:30PM – Meetings with the Ting team about some new devices coming this quarter.



2:00PM – Fruit time! Everyday at 2:00pm fruit magically appears in the kitchen. We don’t question it… it just appears! ;)

…Actually, we have Marilyn, our wonderful Workstyle Specialist to thank for all the healthy snacks!

3:00PM – Gotta love meetings that involve big comfy couches!

Want to meet the Hover marketing team in person? Live in Toronto? We’ll be hosting a domain workshop along with our friends at Squarespace on March 27th! We’d love to meet you! Let us know you’re coming by filling out this RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there.

- Sarah

.CO – the Domain for Start-ups

Given the depletion of the popular .COM domain extension, .CO is the up and coming domain of choice for start-ups around the world. Why the sudden popularity within the start-up community? It’s a great alternative to .com and offers tons of perks to start-ups. Read on to learn more.

Get the name you want

When it comes to startups the name is everything. It must be memorable, unique, catchy. Settling for a lame, dashed or complicated domain just because the .com you wanted was already taken weakens your brand. Considering all three-letter .COM domain names are taken, .CO may be a great option for a short and catchy URL. By choosing .co for your domain name, you open your business up to way more options.

Domain Hacks – the possibilities are endless!

A ‘domain hack’ uses the different parts of a domain name to create a memorable URL. The domain extension (usually a TLD such as .CO, .IT or .LY) is cleverly combined with the domain name, such as,, or The .co domain provides a plethora of possibilities to create a unique domain URL. Here are a few we like:
Nosco –
Recommend –
The Lead Company –

What about SEO?

As a start-up you’re more than likely conscious of your company’s search engine ranking. You may be wondering how your .CO will fare on search engines compared to a .COM, .NET or .ORG. You’ll be happy to hear that Google has labeled .CO as generic domain extension (or a gccTLD). This means your domain is given equal treatment in search results, assuming you have quality content. Head on over to .CO and SEO for more information.

Get a little somethin’ extra

The .CO domain registry has a great membership program for start-ups – The program gives startups a range of benefits to help grow their business including discounts, tickets to events, and a special feature on the site. Free passes to Startup Weekend events, free access to co-working spaces (including New York City’s Projective and London’s Co-Work), free SEO consultation, and discounts on both live and online classes at General Assembly are all perks of grabbing a .CO for your company. Head over to for more info.

Join the .COmmunity

Many companies have already snatched up a .CO for their business. By registering a .CO, you’re joining the ranks of Twitter (, Overstock (, Google (, Forex ( and many more.

A great .CO domain name is available with Hover for $30/year. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-866-731-6556 or email us at

App of the Week: Mint

What is it?
Mint is an app that puts all your finances into one place. Manage your checking, savings, investment, retirement, loans or credit all from inside the app. Mint allows you to set budgets and goals so that you can keep on top of your finances while saving as well.

Price: Free


Why we like it
The app is super simple to set up, taking about 5 minutes to get started. I like how you can get the entire picture rather than having to view all your bills and banking on separate sites or apps. It not only saves a lot of time but the app tracks your progress and will send you a weekly report on how you’re doing. My favorite feature is the bill reminders via SMS, which are great for when I’m on the go. I also like the ‘credit available’ function which emails or texts me when my credit available dips below my specified threshold.

Get it if…
You find yourself wasting time managing your finances in multiple places. You want a consolidated way to manage your money, budget and pay bills.

App of the Week: Afterglow

What is it?
Afterglow is a photo editor for iPhone. Choose from 30 filters, a range of textures, frames and editing tools. When you’re done, share your photo with your social network, email it or save it to your camera roll, all from within the app.



Why we like it
I like this app because it’s quick and allows me to share my photos instantly from within the app. The Afterglow app not only has more filters than Instagram, but it allows you to adjust exposure, highlight, saturation, and generally gives you more control over the look and feel of your photos. The frame option pairs your photos perfectly with Instagram, so you know they’ll be the correct size if you choose to share them there.

Get it if..
You like the concept of instagram but want more control over your photos with more editing tools and filters.

Stuck in a Mobile Contract?

We’ve all been there…

…being trapped in a mobile contract, paying ridiculously high monthly bills for ‘unlimited’ services and added fees, and having to pay a high ETF (early termination fee) just to get out. It can sometimes feel like your phone company is holding you hostage.

That’s where Ting comes in.

Ting, Hover’s sister company, is mobile that makes sense: pay for only what you use, get no-hold customer support and sign no contracts. And now, it makes more sense than ever to join.

If an ETF is the only thing standing between you and mobile freedom, we’ve got some news you’ll be happy about. Starting February 1 and until the $100,000 fund runs through, Ting will be paying off the early termination fees (ETF) for anyone that’s ready to ditch their mobile contract and make the move to Ting. They’ll be giving the equivalent of the ETF as a Ting service credit which will automatically be applied against the monthly bill.

Anyone with an ETF and a desire to break free from the grasp of the big mobile carriers is welcome to submit. However, Ting is only available in the United States and thus, only people living in the US may apply for the ETF payout. If you’re currently a Sprint customer, Ting’s newly launched bring your Sprint device to Ting program allows you to bring over your Sprint device onto the Ting network, provided its on the list of supported devices.

Interested in mobile that makes sense? Have a look on Ting’s blog to find out exactly how Ting’s $100,000 ETF payout will work and how you can apply.