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Our Favorite Web Hosts

Hover doesn’t offer hosting, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite web hosts in the industry. We’ve picked these companies for various reasons, but most importantly because they share the same business philosophy as Hover: excellent customer service and a simple and easy to use service.


Best for: Bloggers, small business owners, beginners
Customer Service: 24/7 support via web
Ease of Use: Set up a full website in under five minutes. Drag and drop interface allows for easy template customization.
Best Features: Designer templates, great e-commerce platform
Price: $8-$24 per month

Site Ground

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.52.43 AM

Best for: Beginners to those looking for more advanced features
Customer Service: Live set up assistance
Ease of Use: 1 click account set up allows you to publish a new website or request a free existing website migration in less than three minutes
Best Features: 99% uptime guarantee, three tiers of plans for varying hosting needs
Price: $3.95-$14.95 per month

Media Temple


Best for: Businesses
Customer Service: Average wait time >2 min, 24hr support
Ease of Use: Excellent control panel and simple navigation
Best Features: Instantly install over 200 apps
Price: about $20 per month
Do you use any of the above services for your hosting needs? What hosting service would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

.ME is on sale for $15!

From now until September 30th, .ME domain names will be on sale at Hover for $15/yr (reg. $20)! What’s more, everyone who registers a .ME will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Winner will be announced on September 30th!

Note: The promotional price applies only to new one-year registrations, or the first year of new multi-year registrations only. Renewals and transfers are not eligible.

Why .ME?

ME1. .ME is an easy and effective way to manage your online presence.
2. .ME is personalized.
3. .ME receives the same SEO benefits as a traditional .COM or .NET domain name.
4. .ME is a personalized domain name that’s a great alternative to .COM. If you want a personal domain name and is taken, try a search for a .ME!

How to use your new .ME

.ME is great for individuals who want to take control of their presence online. Whether it’s a personal website, a portfolio or an online resume, a professional looking site is important. We recommend Squarespace because of it’s stylish templates and ease of use. Create your own website in minutes!

Questions? Give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 or email us and we’ll help you out! :)

Google Apps FAQ’s


If you didn’t get a chance to check out yesterday’s announcement, Hover is now offering Google Apps for Business! Thanks for all your great feedback regarding our partnership with Google. We’ve compiled some of your questions with the corresponding answers into a list below.

[as of July 11, 2013]

Q: Google Apps for Business is $5/user/month. What exactly is Hover providing for the additional $1/user/month?
A: Most importantly, you’ll be getting the quality of customer service that you’ve come to expect with Hover. You can call us at your convenience and we’ll pick up the phone immediately, no hold, no phone trees, etc. We’re also offering this great support to all of the users on your domain as well – as opposed to just administrators. We’re also offering full DNS support and instant activation, so the setup, onboard and management processes are just that much simpler.

Q: If i decide to leave Hover, will the Google Apps account associated with the domain name come with me?
A: Of course! You can always transfer your Google Apps account to any other Google Apps reseller. They are pretty portable, just like your domain name.

Q: Is it possible to downgrade an account to lesser seats?
A: If you’d like to remove seats from your Google Apps account, you’ll have to wait until your subscription period is over, then repurchase the desired amount of seats. Unfortunately we cannot refund seats after they have been purchased.

Q: Will I be able to ad seats later on in my subscription if my team gets bigger?
A: Yes, you can! Our system will prorate the amount of seats you want to add.

Q: Will my Google Apps account sync to my domain name registration period?
No. Google Apps is billed separately from your domain name.

Q: What happens if my domain expires?
Since Google Apps is billed separately from your domain, the expiry of the domain will not effect the Google Apps account. However, the Google Apps account cannot be moved to a different domain name. Choosing the monthly plan may be the best option if you do not want to commit to a year subscription.

Q: Can I move my Google Apps services to another domain in the middle of my subscription?
A: No. There’s only one domain per apps account. This can’t be migrated onto another domain. You can add another domain to the account in Google Apps, however.

Q: Can I have more than one Google Apps account per Hover account?
A: Yes. You can have multiple Google Apps accounts per Hover account, but only ONE account per domain.

Q: How do you cancel a 30 day trial? What happens if I forget to cancel? Can I get a refund?
A: You must go to the “Google Apps” tab in their Hover account and click on “Delete this Subscription” prior to the 30 days in order to NOT be billed for the next month. There are no notifications about the ending of your subscription.

Q: How long after activating do I need to verify domain ownership?
A: 5 days. If a domain is not verified with in 5 days the account is deleted. If you have Hover name servers they will be fine as the verification and DNS records are automatically updated upon activation, but 3rd party servers will need to be verified in 5 days.

Q: When you transfer a domain with a Google Apps account to another domain provider, what happens to the Google Apps account?
A: As long as you move your DNS records with them or keep the Hover name servers (with their DNS records here), nothing changes.

Q: What is the maximum number of seats one can purchase?
A: 749

Q: Can I have Hover mail on one domain and Google Apps on another?
A: Yes! You are free to decide what domains under your account you’d like to have Google Apps with or Hover mail.

Q: What’s the major difference between using Hover mail for email or Google Apps email?
A: Hover email and Gmail are built with different users in mind. Gmail (in Google Apps) comes with a bunch of great collaborative tools for your entire team, which makes it great for organizations. Hover email is great for individuals or smaller businesses.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions that we may have missed. If you’re having difficulty with your Google Apps account, feel free to give us a call at

Hover +1′s Google Apps for Business!

google_apps_logoWe’re excited to announce that as of today Hover will now support Google Apps for Business!

Hover is offering the entire suite of Google’s business productivity applications, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive and more, all for just $6 per user, per month. What’s more, you can use Google Apps with a domain you already own and with the same level of support you love with Hover.

Google Apps for Business offers a full suite of office tools: Collaborative word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Google Apps also offers powerful and private communication and productivity tools. Shared calendars, private company and team video chats, the best email experience, 30GB of cloud storage per user and much more.

Try Google Apps for Business – free for 30 days!

Need help? All of our customer service agents are trained and able to help you with any questions regarding your Google Apps account. Call us anytime, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm ET or email us at

What to Look for in a Web Host

Hover doesn’t offer hosting, but we get asked all the time who we recommend as the best web host in the business. The answer to that is it really depends on what your preferences are and what you’re using your site for. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of some key features to look for when considering a web host.


Hover knows the value of an accessible and reliable customer support team. We hear all the time from customers how much they appreciate getting a real live human being on the other end of the phone when they need answers. Look for a host that offers live support so you can get the answers right when you need them.


An active and engaged online community is invaluable. Forums are a great way to seek help or advice from other customers. Do a quick search to see how active the web host is on social media as well. Facebook and Twitter are another great source of tips and helpful advice from the customer community and the company itself. If a hosting company is truly customer-focussed, they’ll have customer service reps on-hand to answer your questions on social media.

Ease of Use

We assume if you’re a Hover customer or if you made your way to the Hover blog that you value an easy to use interface that allows you to get what you need without all the extras. We think this concept should apply to hosting as well. A host with a great user interface with minimal clutter will prove valuable for getting things done quickly. You can generally tell by the homepage as soon as you arrive if the rest of the experience will be smooth as well.

Storage Capacity

Or in other words, how much space do you get for your site and files? For small to medium sized websites, 1 GB should be plenty. If you plan to host videos or other media, you’ll want to factor that in when determining how much space you need. Some hosts may offer an unlimited package. Make sure the host you choose has clearly outlined policies on storage and what “unlimited” data storage really means.


How much data can your site pass along to customers over a period of time? Bandwidth is important. Some hosting companies will offer unlimited bandwidth while others will put a limit on how much traffic can come to your site over a certain time frame. In the latter scenario, your host may charge you or disable your website once those limits are hit. Bandwidth is hard to predict; a blog post you right may go viral, for example. If that happens, you’ll definitely want your site to be available to greet your new online connections!
Whatever the case, make sure you understand the host’s policies on bandwidth.

File Upload Limitations

First determine what kind of files you intend on uploading to your site. Some free hosts impose a size limit on each of the files you upload, while others restrict the file types you can upload to HTML and GIF/JPG files. Everyone’s needs are different, so first evaluate what type of files you’ll be uploading to your site and make sure your host clearly explains their policy on file upload limitations.

Who do you use for hosting? What made you decide to go with them? Let us know below!

Attention All Startups and Small Businesses!

Note: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Are you a startup company or small business in the United States?

Hover’s pairing up with mobile phone service Ting and ecommerce platform Shopify for the ultimate startup giveaway. We’ll give you all you need so you can focus more on growing your business, be it an app, an online store or even a physical store – all businesses are welcome!

The Grand Prize:

- Smartphones and service credits from Ting for your entire team (worth $2000)
- Free .CO domain name + business mail package (worth $179)
- Hover swag for your entire team (worth $500)
- Shopify unlimited package for your business for 6 months (worth $1074)
Total prize worth $3753

Secondary Prizes:

Share this post (publicly) or tweet us with hashtag #letsstartsomething and you’ll be entered to win one of the following prizes!
(1) Individual or company will receieve $500 in Ting service credit
(1) Individual or company will receive $250 in Hover credit

Could your business benefit from mobile that makes sense? Want to learn more about Ting? Head over to to see how Ting can save your company money on its monthly phone bill.

Shopify is an e-commerce solution and a long-time partner of Hover! Head on over to to learn how you can make your customers’ online shopping experience the best they’ve ever seen.

With .CO, you can get the web address that you really want, and not just what’s left over. Get your .CO domain from Hover, and then head over to to sign up for membership perks and benefits!


1. This promotion is only available to entrants in the United States, thus the company must have an American address.
2. You must submit your form by May 31st at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries as of May 31st.
3. You must be currently employed by or own the company you enter in order to submit a form on it’s behalf.
4. The total amount of the prize is worth $3753 and is not redeemable for cash. Ting will award the winning company $500 in service credits and $1500 to spend on any currently available devices from
5. Secondary prizes are exclusive to those who share on Facebook. Entrants to the grand prize giveaway may also enter the secondary prize giveaway but are not automatically entered through submitting the grand prize form.
6. Winner of the grand prize will be contacted via email on June 3. Secondary prize winners will be announced on Facebook on June 3.

App of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox is a new type of mail app. Created by the makers of Orchestra, a productivity management app, Mailbox claims to put traditional email in it’s place.

And that it does.

Think of the hundreds, if not thousands of emails that get lost in your inbox during a busy day at work (or normal day, if you’re important like that). You have to make a mental note to go back to them or flag them as important in order to follow up. Think of all the emails that simply aren’t important that clutter your inbox needlessly and distract you from getting your work done. Mailbox tackles these problems in an intuitive, clean and fast way. Here’s why the team at Hover loves Mailbox:

Swipe messages to archive or trash ‘em

Mailbox allows you to treat incoming emails in one of three ways: The one’s you’d like to keep in your inbox, those you’d like to save for later, and those you’d like to simply get rid of. Mailbox is all about simple gestures, so with one swipe, classify any email as one of the above.

Keep only what matters

You can choose to keep only the emails that are of most importance at that given time. For the rest, simply swipe to have them appear later (whether it be in ten minutes, a day or someday) or swipe to delete them altogether.

Reaching inbox zero… and keeping it there.

With Mailbox, only the things I need to address now are in my inbox. And I love the sense of accomplishment of getting my inbox to zero. Apart from feeling like I’ve gotten things done, my mailbox feels lighter and I have peace of mind in knowing that I can access any of my archived messages from the dock.

The Downsides

#1 There’s currently a queue to actually get the app. I waited approximately two weeks in ‘line’ (started at around 700,000th place), but the pace quickened as time went on. A couple of my coworkers were one of the ‘chosen ones’ picked at random to skip the line, though. So cross your fingers and hope for the best.

#2 For now, Mailbox will only support Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Other clients will be added as the app grows. Hover has a great tutorial on how to use your Hover mail with Gmail.

So if you don’t mind waiting in line and you primarily use Gmail for your email, this is a great app. Download it for the iPhone here.

Have you used Mailbox? Are you currently waiting in line? Let us know in the comments what you think of the app!

And the winners are…

We had a great response to our Vacay Giveaway promotion last month with almost 6,000 entries in total across Facebook, Twitter and through the use of the promo code. As it turns out, people really like free vacations!

Who knew?

We’re announcing the winners of the vacation plus all secondary prizes. If you’ve won, sit tight for an email from us. We’ll be notifying all winners directly.

The Grand prize winner of a trip for two to their choice of San Francisco, NYC or Vancouver is….

Andrew D. from Toronto, Canada! Congrats Andrew, we hope you enjoy your vacation :)

Congrats to the following secondary prize winners…

2nd Prize ($250 Amazon gift card) – Samuel K.
3rd Prize ($100 in Hover credit) -Steve A.
4th Prize ($25 in Hover credit) – Bibiana P.
5th Prize (Hover swag) - Michael T, Myles C, Odd N, Chris C, Franklin B, Mitchel G, Serge J, Charles M, Kellyanne R, and Shakir P.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Vacay Giveaway. Make sure to like us on Facebook to be the first to know about future giveaways!

DAA – Domain Addicts Anonymous

Do you find yourself with 50+ active domain names in your possession at any given time? Have you registered the domain for your second cousin Jerry? Does your cat have a .COM? Do you register a domain for every new idea that pops into your head?

Does this sound familiar? If you’ve said yes to any or all of the above, you are likely suffering from DNA, or Domain Name Addiction.

We don’t blame you. Hover makes it easy to register the perfect domain name in under five minutes (and about 30 seconds per domain after that). With many of the most popular TLDs to choose from, registering a .CO, .NET or .CA is literally just a click away. What’s more, managing all your domains is simple with our bulk editting tools. It’s as easy to manage 50 domain names as it is two. Yeah, we acknowledge we’re a part of the problem. But honestly, we’re okay with that :)

What’s your domain addiction story? How many domains do you currently own? Let us know in the comments.

Remember, the first step is admitting you have a problem ;)

Hover’s Vacay Giveaway!

It’s quite chilly over here at the Hover offices. This got us thinking… whether you’re buried under two feet of snow or lucky enough to live in a milder climate, everyone could use a vacay! So, during the month of March, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a trip for two to either San Francisco, NYC or Vancouver. We had to get a Canadian destination in the mix. ;)

Grand Prize: A trip for two to the destination of your choice: San Francisco, New York City or Vancouver. Trip includes round-trip airfare and four nights hotel accommodations for two.

And we’re not stopping there. By entering the giveaway, you’ll also be entered to win the following prizes:

2nd Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize: $100 Hover credit
4th Prize: $25 Hover credit
5th Prize: 10 winners will receive Hover swag!

Ways to Enter:

1. Register, renew or transfer a domain using the promo code: vacaygiveaway. You’ll score five entries into our giveaway per domain, and for each year you register/renew.

2. Share. Share this post (publicly) on your Facebook wall and you’ll get one entry. Retweet us and you’ll get an additional entry!

3. Get creative. Show us how you creatively promote the hashtag #vacaygiveaway (online or otherwise) and you’ll get three additional entries. Post your entry on our Facebook wall.

The Fine Print:

1. For your purchase to qualify, you must have made the transaction or shared within the contest window – between March 1st and April 1st at 12:01pm ET.
2. You must use the promo code for your transaction to count. We cannot honor transactions that fail to use the code ‘vacaygiveaway’ at checkout.
3. Each registered domain registration, renewal or transfer that uses the promo code ‘vacaygiveaway’ is worth five entries per year registered/renewed.
4. If you choose to enter via social a Twitter or Facebook share, you must share publicly or else we won’t be able to count your entry. If we can’t see it, we won’t be able to count it!
5. Limit of one Facebook share entry and one Twitter retweet entry per person.
6. There’s no limit on entries for purchasing/transferring/renewing domains.
7. Winners will be announced on April 5th, 2013.
8. Grand prize winner must book their trip before December 31st, 2013.
9. Prizes are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
10. While this giveaway is international, if the grand prize winner is residing outside North America, a travel voucher in the equivalent amount will be rewarded ($2,500 CDN).
11. Each entrant can win only one prize.
12. We reserve the right to change any aspect of the giveaway at any time.


When does the contest close?
Can I see how many entries I have so far?
How many entries will I get?
What happens if I forget to enter the promo code?
Can I enter without a Hover account?
NYC is too big, San Fran is too cool and Vancouver is too cold, can I pick another destination?
What type of flight/accommodations will the winner get?
Does the code count towards a purchase of a premium domain name?
How will the winner be chosen?
Can I still enter even though my domains are set to auto-renew?

When does the contest close?
April 1st at 12:01pm (Noon).

Can I see how many entries I have so far?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with a tally of your entries. Please refer to the ‘Ways to Enter’ for how much each different entry is worth.

How many entries will I get?
Renewing, transferring or registering a domain name will get you 5 entries per domain name, regardless of amount of time registered.
A creative entry is worth 3 entries.
Sharing on Facebook or Twitter is worth one entry each.

What happens if I forget to enter the promo code?
We cannot honor any transactions that don’t use the promo code in this contest. Please make sure you use the promo code when renewing, registering or transferring your domain name!

Can I enter without a Hover account?
Yes! By sharing on Facebook/Twitter. We’ll be linking your Facebook/Twitter entry to the respective account, not your Hover account. This means anyone can enter, not just those with Hover accounts. If your Twitter/Facebook entry has won, we’ll contact you via the appropriate channel.

Can I pick another destination?
Sorry, no.

What type of flight/accommodations will the winner get?
The winner of the grand prize will receive two economy class round trip tickets on a national airline to their destination of choice from the three offered. Hotel accommodations will are subject to availability and will be a minimum of 3 stars.

Does the code count towards a purchase of a premium domain name?

How will the winner be chosen?
The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries.

Can I still enter even though my domains are set to auto-renew?
Yes. To do this you must manually renew your domain name and enter the code at checkout.